Inside Sales Training

Specifically for B2B Prospecting and Lead Generation

Inside sales training

Background and Approach

Leads To Sales (LTS) develops and delivers customized inside sales training programs specifically for prospecting and lead generation, based on over 30 years’ experience managing the process.  The customized nature of our inside sales training is unique.  On a micro-level, there are several modules that incorporate direct input from our clients, supported by LTS’ experience.  On a macro-level, the inside sales training session will be aligned with the objective of preparing the team to meet specific (often existing) targets and quotas.  This customized approach to inside sales training enables us to not only introduce new content and best practices, but also reinforce the direction and vision of sales management.  Our approach to inside sales training does not end with the training session itself.  LTS establishes an on-going communication platform that facilitates third-party reinforcement of sales management objectives, and ensures best practices become standard operating procedures.

Prospecting Training

Custom Development & On-Going Support

Our comprehensive and collaborative development and delivery process includes:

Pre-training consultation and planning with sales management

Customized training documentation materials – a binder and electronic folder for each rep

Full-day on-site inside sales training session conducted by LTS President, Cliff Langston

Hands-on engagement, including role plays, development of “tools you can use tomorrow”, and addressing account-specific challenges

On-going support for two months, including bi-weekly/monthly teleconferences and unlimited ad-hoc/situational phone consultation (including specific account/call challenges).  Working with hundreds of clients to generate thousands of leads has taught us a few lessons. We’ve made the mistakes, so you can leverage our expertise to avoid them.

Lead Generation Training

Program Content and More Information

We’ll develop and deliver three modules that will prepare your team pragmatically in alignment with existing goals and objectives.  Modules include Fundamentals, Techniques, and Tools/Best Practices, as well as a package of usable tools your reps can use tomorrow.  Pricing is simple and fair, and our approach keeps us on the hook for results long after the session ends.




“You can tell LTS has ‘been there and done that’ when it comes to lead gen in our industry.  I was able to use what I learned the next day to move my pipeline forward.  And I was not bored once!” – Business Development Representative, Biotech

“My boss told us it would be ‘no-BS’ and she was spot-on.  We even got on the phone in the session and closed a sale.” – Account Development, Life Science


Guaranteed Results


Our approach to inside sales training isn’t based on gimmicks or secret formulas, but it works. And we can share the principles with your team, integrated with your objectives and vision.  We will stay in touch for up to two months after the training to help reinforce and drive success.

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