Working Together

Why Leads To Sales?

Increase sales

Our Reps

Our reputation in outsourced sales, along with the success we’ve delivered for our clients, has enabled Leads To Sales to attract a team of veteran business development experts who all have prior experience in field and/or inside sales. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to build an internal team with this depth and experience – another benefit of Leads To Sales for outsourced sales.

Outsourced sales

Expertise and Perspective

Working with hundreds of clients to generate thousands of leads has taught us a few lessons. We’ve made the mistakes, so you can leverage our expertise to avoid them. And because we’ve seen a lot of different approaches to outsourced sales, we’ll lend perspective and build campaigns driven by proven best practices.

Lead management

Flexibility and Scale

One challenge of managing this work internally is fluctuating volume. Leads To Sales outsourced sales solution gives you the ability to tap into the economies of a focused operation, even if you only need it for a few weeks or months at a time.  Outsourced sales is defined by flexibility and scale.

B2B Lead Generation

Everybody else hates it!

No sales or marketing person is going to argue with the idea of outsourced sales, especially outsourcing lead generation and lead follow up. It’s at the bottom of their to-do list for a reason, and in most cases it’s a waste of their time. Sales reps should be selling, and junior-level marketers should not be “thrown on the phone”.


our people

A well-placed phone call cuts through the digital clutter like a handwritten note. When success is based on our ability to represent your brand in conversation, the person talking is the difference-maker.


Guaranteed Results


Our approach isn’t based on gimmicks or secret formulas, but it works. And we stand behind it. Before every campaign, we’ll define explicit metrics and tell you exactly what you can expect for your investment. If we fall short of our own goal, we make more calls until we deliver. It really is that simple.

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