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Generate Sales Leads

B2B sales leads, truly qualified sales leads, are worth their weight (or wait?) in gold.  We help you find the sales leads who are ready to talk to your reps. Our veteran B2B lead generation experts combine digital and voice communications to stay in touch with prospects until it’s time to transition the dialogue to your sales team. Sales cycles are getting longer, sales leads take more time than ever to develop, so why not let us take care of the front-end?

We’ll apply best practices from over thirty years’ generating sales leads in the B2B world as we manage the process entirely, creating an ideal customer profile, then building a database of potential sales leads who meet the profile. Next, our unique strategic planning approach aligns your solution with your prospect’s key challenges. Using integrated digital and voice communication, our team delivers truly qualified sales leads: prospects who have said they are ready to talk to your sales rep. Our programs include immediate sales lead transfer, bi-weekly reporting and comprehensive program summary materials. In B2B, sales lead generation is all about keeping your pipeline full of sales leads and your sales force focused on closing more sales.

Lead Management

Lead Qualification – Lead Management

This option is perfect if you have existing unqualified sales leads from your B2B website, tradeshow, webinar, etc., and you need to prioritize the sales leads with the most potential before passing on to the sales force. Know the difference between qualified sales leads (prospects who accessed your content as part of a real buying process), and those just “doing research”. LTS applies a proven digital/voice outbound marketing process to find qualified sales leads ready to talk to the sales force. Our programs include real-time sales lead transfer, bi-weekly reporting and comprehensive program summary materials. When you know the value of sales leads in the pipeline, you’ll add REAL sales potential to your ROI equation.

B2B Lead Generation

Webinars + Events

In addition to following up with webinar and online or live event attendees, we can also help you on the front-end. Our veteran B2B experts leverage their seniority to schedule in-person meetings at industry conferences and tradeshows. We can also help drive attendance to online webinars or in-person events.

B2B Sales

Customer Retention + Re-engagement

Does your organization have that group of “unmanaged” accounts no one has time for? Or customers you haven’t heard from in a while? Let our reps reach out to these less-frequent customers, as our approach leads to business. We combine digital and voice campaigns to increase sales, retain mind share and drive traffic to e-commerce promotions. The human touch of the conversation strengthens your brand, and driving e-commerce traffic will increase sales – a solid combination.

Outbound Marketing

Database Building + Cleansing

Generating better qualified sales leads starts with a better list of prospects. Whether you are pursuing an entirely new B2B market segment, or need to cleanse a legacy B2B database to understand its value, Leads To Sales can help. Included in our sales lead generation and lead management campaigns, our database services are also available stand-alone.

Leads to business

Marketing Intelligence

There are times when you need to understand your specific B2B market better before you can deliver sales leads. Whether you want to compare value propositions, evaluate positioning, even pre-test campaign concepts, our B2B sales and marketing expertise delivers non-biased results to support important business decisions. Many times we can find the audience, develop and execute the survey, and deliver results in under two weeks. If you’ve ever been asked “what do our customers think?” and not known the answer, you understand why this is important.

Increase sales

Consulting + Training

Over the years, we’ve developed and implemented processes and procedures for B2B inside sales departments, tactical marketing, marketing communications, and strategic marketing organizations all relative to B2B lead generation best practices. We can help you build the foundation for a solid internal organization doing exactly what we’ve done for over thirty years. Avoid a few headaches learning from our experience in B2B sales and marketing.



our experience

Over thirty years doing the same thing – B2B sales lead generation. Boring for many, a passion for Leads To Sales. Put our experience to work for you.

6.2 million calls made

2.6 million leads processed

$2.8 billion sales pipeline identified

“Leads To Sales’ B2B sales lead generation campaigns are an on-going part of our annual marketing plan for accounts we don’t have resources to maintain contact with. The outbound phone and email combination drives traffic to quarterly promotions, and the database we build in the process is used for future campaigns. The results are measurable and deliver an ROI as high as 20 times.” – Market Manager, Lab Products

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